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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Looking In, Looking Out

The submission window opens 3 Nov 22 and closes 12 Apr 23.

You can submit up to four poems, or one short story.

Writing is often introspective, or writing is often political, or writing is often challenging, writing is ...

There is no specific theme to the submission call, but the following may give you some idea of what we are looking for ...

This year we seek to explore how personal and social perspectives combines - how one life reflects all life - or how society affects one life - this year it is about the to and fro between the micro and macro.  Although it could be argued this is what poetry and prose do anyway - a deeply introspective, personal poem could be an expression of universality, of the emotions we all feel - or a raw political short story could expand on one living of one's own life is a political act.  

So in a sense, this is a call for submissions with a theme, because the theme covers all writing.

There will be two awards, each of $100: one for a poem, and one for a short story.

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