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There are presently no open calls for submissions.


The submission window opens 15 March 24 and closes 30 June 24.

You can submit up to four POEMS of up to sixty lines each.

This year we are raising money to fund the competition by asking for entrants to contribute to the publication, but not tying this to a fee to enter.  Entry is free.  Participants are asked to contribute $25, $50 or $75. There will be a prize structure based on the amount of money raised, but there will be at least one prize of $50, though we hope to raise enough for at least three prizes, and to be able to publish in paperback in November 2024. 

While it would be very much appreciated if you do contribute, you do not have to pay to enter.  Individuals and corporations are welcome to support publication by contributing without entering if they wish; if this is your choice, when asked to attach a file, attach a document with your name and email and whether you would like to be acknowledged or remain anonymous. 

The theme could be said to be opening and closing, birth and death, beginnings and endings, however, we believe this is so broad a theme that poems on any subject are welcome.

Poems must be the poets own work, no longer than sixty lines (titles and line breaks do not count), be either predominantly in English, or supplied in any language and accompanied by a translation in English.  Please do not submit work which uses AI.

For full terms and conditions, and details of all of Willowdown Books publications, as well as many poets’ biographies, go to www.willowdownbooks.com

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